Cloud Services

Lowering costs, creating value and providing flexibility to business to scale are critical success metrics that are driving Cloud adoption by enterprises. IT and Business leaders always want to lower the IT overheads and be more responsive the emerging market opportunities and business needs. Cloud is emerging as a critical part of this new landscape for businesses.

BizAlgo’s Cloud Services team helps in enabling our clients on the following service lines :

  • Migrating On-prem workloads to Cloud
  • Oracle and SAP workload migration to Microsoft Azure
  • Providing Support to Prod and Non-Prod environments on Cloud
  • Core Networking solutions for connecting to Public Clouds

Migrating to Cloud

While businesses have invested heavily in building robust on-prem solutions – the viability and cost of keeping them relevant and current is always a critical decision point – especially from time-consuming upgrades, maintenance and of course, Capex standpoint. The maturity of the Cloud solutions and the value proposition from a cost, agility, scalability and performance has been a strong driver for adopting Cloud by Enterprises.

BizAlgo provides a robust ‘lift and shift’ offering that enables clients to seamlessly migrate their workloads from On-Prem to Cloud.

Customers have a broad choice of options to deploy their workloads on Cloud – BizAlgo Systems provides the ability to flexibly integrate between various deployment models – including the ability to move workloads back and forth over time – based on specific client needs and their strategies.

Let our experts help you seamlessly articulate and implement your Cloud Migration Strategy.

Oracle & SAP Workload to Microsoft Azure

Clients definitely win when leading product vendors agree to work together. Coming together of Oracle and Microsoft and SAP and Microsoft – is considered good news for their enterprise customers. License mobility and support for the Oracle and SAP products on Microsoft Azure is a key enabler to embracing Cloud by enterprise customers.

BizAlgo Systems have built a solid roadmap for migrating the Oracle and SAP workloads from on-prem to Microsoft Azure. Our team of Oracle and SAP certified consultants – who also have Azure certifications – make the migration smooth like silk!

Our Services ensure that the clients achieve the following goals :

  • Accelerated implementations
  • Reduced and predictable costs
  • Proactive patches and updates
  • Reduce upgrade risk and downtimes
  • Faster turn-around times

Support Environments on Cloud

Supporting the Cloud subscriptions of customers with rapid provisioning – spin up and tear down of Virtual Machines in minutes. Setting up prod and non-prod environments – including dev/test, demo, PoC environments etc., in a quick and efficient manner.

Data Analytics

crn-2015-50-business-analytics-companies-cloudMarketing & Sales Analytics

Differentiation is what drives the businesses of today and of future. As a result, for marketers it becomes sin qua non to understand what choices their customers make, why they make them, how they feel about them and what their experiences are to be able to deliver to them unique experiences and aha! moments. In addition, marketers are always challenged to improve ROI, and wring the most out of budgets. These seemingly disparate goals can be achieved by making marketing analytics central to a solid, connected business strategy.

BizAlgo’s deep experience in marketing analytics have helped clients in spotting what works and what does not so that they can optimize spend, resources and their marketing mix. Our innovative approach of integrating non-traditional and unstructured Big data with traditional data within the firewalls of marketing departments have immensely benefited our clients in their endeavor to be ahead of time and competition. Our marketing sciences experts with Big data champions separate signals from the noise and provide you insights and solutions that puts you ahead of the curve not once or twice but always. Want to have a unified view of all the levers of marketing decision making without significant upfront investment in software and expertise? We are there for you!

Web & Mobile Analytics

web-analytics-289x300It is of immense value to know the behavior of the visitors to a web site. BizAlgo’s Web Analytics services focus on enabling our clients to attract more visitors, retain or attract new customers for their products and services. It would more often also result in increasing the dollar spend by each customer.

Ability to determine the likelihood of a customer to repurchase a product is a key value. Additionally, Web Analytics also provides the details about geographic regions from which customers visit, enhances the ability to promote specific products or services to those customers who are most likely to buy thus helping provide a better ROI on the marketing budgets. Further, BizAlgo’s Web Analytics services help in tracking the drill down and clickthrough aspects of customers within the website. This helps in determining the sites from which the customers most often arrive.

The share of mobile devices (smartphones and tablets) contributing to internet traffic is increasing by the day and organizations cannot afford to ignore the mobile traffic. Mobile analytics broadly includes Mobile web and Mobile Apps.

There are multiple tools that our team has used for Web and Mobile Analytics – the most popular ones include Adobe Site Catalyst, Google Analytics, Bango, WebTrends et al.

Data Management & Campaign Management

Campaign Management & Analytics

bitsissue8_2In today’s competitive world personalizing the message to each individual customer is the key for retaining and growing the relationship. Effective targeting and appropriate message goes a long way in ensuring that the customer is with us. That is where campaign management allows us to to plan, target, execute, and measure one-to-one communication strategies millions of individuals with optimal messaging and creating a solid footprint in their minds.
BizAlgo with its deep expertise in this area enables its partners to build an effective, ongoing dialogue with their customer or prospect through a complete history, such as offers presented, context and campaign details, and response or non-response. BizAlgo’s team of campaign enthusiasts with the help of its data engineers and data scientists manage the entirety of your campaign’s logic, including audience segmentation, exclusions, and assignment of offers and channels. It closes the feedback loop by applying campaign analytics to measure the effectiveness of whole effort, thereby providing you a real time assessment of campaign success. Direct marketing and personalization has never been this easy before! Come let us make customer the King!!

Churn Analytics

Big Data Analytics will improve the ability to manage customer churn by about 4 times vs traditional analytics. BizAlgo’s Churn Management Algorithm can be utilized by telecom carriers, banks, insurance companies, retailers, airlines or any other service providers.
Methods to identify consumers who are likely to leave – at risk customers – vary from some basic to very sophisticated algorithms. BizAlgo’s approach provides our clients the ability to effectively identify customers who are most likely to churn and help our clients provide actionable insights. This provides an opportunity to create targeted initiatives to transform these customers’ satisfaction ratings and improve retention.

BI & Reporting

Dashboards – The How and The What

jreport-13.1-avaliableCreating Dashboards and Reporting Services is a key value that we provide to our clients. The core intent of BizAlgo consultants is to present complex raw data in a way that is simple to understand and act on.

Data visualization makes the business decision-making process much faster and easier – dashboards provide a ‘digestible’ narrative of the health of busines. The dashboard development team should address the two key questions when designing and implementing a dashboard solution:
The How – the focus here is to ensure how to use the various visual techniques that convey and provide maximum impact to the business users… which is the best situation to use a pie-chart vs a bar chart?
The What – which primarily focusses on what kind of graphics are appropriate for different types of dashboards.

It definitely is an art to find the right way of visualization of data in dashboards to see which ones are best depictions of the business needs. Based on the specific needs of the client, BizAlgo team provide a dashboard that is a mix-and-match of pie-charts, bar charts, pareto charts, fever charts, spark-lines, heat maps, histograms, pictographs, and numerous other techniques.

Dashboards come in all forms and shapes. Visual depiction of data is the best way of story-telling. Not having the right metrics on the dashboards can be extremely detrimental to business growth and success.

Predictive Analytics & Optimization


There is a conscious shift in leading businesses to move from ‘what happened?’ and ‘why did it happen?’ to ‘what will happen?’ and ‘how can i optimize from among the best of options?’…

While traditionally data analytics has been used to measure and describe the past (in a sense does post-mortem); current state of the art is to help predict what is likely to happen and optimize the outcome based on a broad set of data inputs – including both structured and un-structured.

This provides high value insight to decision makers on the field in real-time – thus provide competitive edge to clients.

BizAlgo team works closely with Line of Business owners and decision makers to develop an advanced analytics strategy and roadmap. The processes and techniques incorporate the new consumer paradigms for interaction, mobility, collaboration etc. Analysis of data and content using sophisticated statistical techniques to provide intelligent insights about the future is the key value proposition.

Analytics Productization

Big Data Analytics has unfolded a new set of services and products for our customers. Our team of experts provides essential insights from the data and help refine or in certain cases create new products.

Our Analytics Consulting team is well equipped to provide data models to extrapolate certain variables to help our clients do analysis of variables in creating a successful service or product.

Analytics Consulting

BizAlgo’s seasoned and highly skilled Data Scientist and Business Consultants work with Client LoB leaders to create a bespoke Analytics strategy and roadmap. Our team works seamlessly with Client leaders to ensure that the Strategy is dove-tailed to the clients culture, business context and competitive aspirations.

Digital-Analytics-Consulting-Miami-ServicesThis is a high-end consulting engagement with multiple years of extensive experience provided to our clients in an easy-to-execute model.

Are you leveraging analytics for competitive differentiation?

A lot of firms have recently started off their quest for value and differentiation through building analytical capabilities. The key limitation of putting analytics are the core of business decisions, is as much a lack of a coherent strategy as lack of the right set of tools, capabilities, data and systems to deliver the promise.
BizAlgo Systems helps in establishing a tailored enterprise-wide analytics strategy and hand-hold our clients in executing to the roadmap. Our solution is focused on seamlessly integrating the investments in Analytics and building an organic engine that becomes an integral part of the client’s business ecosystem.

Key attributes of BizAlgo Systems Analytics Consulting solution are:
• Aligning Analytics as an enterprise-wide initiative rather than functional silos – creating a Analytics Centre of Excellence – leveraging BizAlgo’s DART framework.
• Focus on high-value and high-impact quick wins.
• Implement a governance structure that provides a scalable analytics function with standards and processes.
• Identify means to bring analytics to the front-line managers – empower decision making where the rubber meets the road.
• Help in Identifying, training and nurturing analytic talent in the organization to create a Talent Blueprint for advanced analytics.

Financial, HR and Operational Analytics

it-operations-analyticsCompanies the world over are facing increasing pressure to grow revenues and increase profitability. In addition, international regulations such as Basel II and SOX have placed increased demands on publicly traded companies to demonstrate compliance. Achieving better business performance and compliance requires a major overhaul of how financial information is collected, shared and integrated in the decision making systems by leveraging advanced analytics in newer and innovative ways to hedge risk and enhance returns.
BizAlgo’s Finalgo® specializes in managing the risk in origination and delinquency apart from increasing the overall profitability through customer analytics. It has helped our clients enormously in managing and predicting the risk levels of a portfolio by assessing the creditworthiness of a customer based on demographic, transaction and behavior data. It include generating application scores, building score-based underwriting/application strategy, approval tools and verification methods, developing credit line assignment strategies and product planning.
Our financial modelers always push the bar in terms of thinking and have been at the forefront of delinquency management through the use of sophisticated algorithms and big data. It helps in enhancing overall collection performance through customer profile enrichment by identifying delinquency sources and building tools to calculate collection scores, segmentation analysis and propensity.
For consumer banking, we cover the entire value chain. Our top of the line financial and behavioral models calculate and predict customer-level profitability with a high degree of accuracy. It include customer lifetime value analysis, customer behavior analysis, attrition management and retention framework, credit line increase/decrease strategies, cross-sell strategies, product propensity modelling and reviewing and monitoring accounts thereby closing the loop. Integrate the decision sciences in your risk management. Let us start the journey!!

HR Analytics :

The contribution of the workforce to organization success is perhaps the most important lever to competitive advantage. In fact, the challenge of containing costs while developing a high performing workforce is a primary challenge facing most companies today. Organizations struggle to understand their complex existing and potential workforce and how to use each effectively. Which applicants should they recruit? Which of their hires do they wish to retain for their performance and productivity? Who amongst their internal talent do they wish to groom for career advancement? What are the most effective compensation, benefits and development options that will optimize the organization’s competitiveness in the marketplace?
HR analytics has been helping smartest organizations more effectively manage and improve performance. BizAlgo’s HR analytics offering has been improving the profitability of its client through more effective workforce cost control, balancing the lowest effective headcount while ensuring satisfactory service delivery. With BizAlgo’s algorithmic approach, managers get to see top and bottom-performing employees to better develop and retain key talent pools, and address retention trouble spots or looming gaps. Our insights have helped better understand the causal effect of workforce investment on operational results. Want a passionate and ever happy work force? We are there to help!

Operational Analytics – Contact Center Analytics :

Today’s contact centers generate more data than virtually any other part of the business. As a result, collecting and analyzing this data to more efficiently handle calls, retain customers and generate revenue for the company can become a daunting task. However, with the right analytic solutions, call center managers can derive intelligence from this massive amount of data in order to successfully solve business problems, reduce operational costs and improve overall performance. Analytics can allow a contact center to become proactive rather than reactive in dealing with problems and finding opportunities. For example, a cable TV provider that realizes customer calls about receiving service on mobile devices have doubled in the past year has important insight on the direction of its business.
BizAlgo’s proprietary algorithms (ContactOptimizer®) and big data analytics solutions equip call center managers with qualitative and quantitative information needed to manage this overflow of data. From understanding how individual agents manage their time, to actionable insights on customers’ changing needs, analytic solutions save managers the work of collecting and analyzing data from different sources while maintaining consistent performance metrics. This helps companies enhance the efficiencies of their contact center operations. It makes the whole team much more agile and plugs in the existing gaps. In short, it provides you more bang for your buck.

Measurement & Social Analytics

Our team of Analysts and Researchers help our clients with expertise related to Media Monitoring and Data Analytics. The key value of our offering to the PR and Branding firms is to make available a 24×7 team that helps you in tracking the Media (both traditional and social). Our team provides monitoring services by preparing daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly etc. client-specific reports.

Our Core Competency :

  • Help PR agencies to obtain the summary reports from Social media & News aggregators as per bespoke format.
  • Seamlessly integrate and be an extension of your Monitoring, Impact & Analysis Team to serve your clients.
  • Leverage potential automation options for the reports and dashboards – including self-service reports.
  • Onshore / Offshore engagement model to optimize cost and availability of Analysts and researchers.
  • Cycle time reduction to leverage time zone advantages.
  • Our team has expertise in various data aggregation platforms like Factiva, Meltwater, Radian6 etc.

The monitoring services of our team help clients with in-depth knowledge, insights and analysis. Our monitoring and measurement services include :

  • Traditional Media monitoring
  • Broadcast monitoring
  • Online news monitoring
  • Social media monitoring
  • Tonality Analysis, Share of Voice, Volume trends at all
  • Key Themes & Key Influencers

Clients often invest in various listening tools and presume that it would address all their media monitoring requirements. However, they soon realise that tools are one of the three levers – the other two are human intelligence and business relevance. Our team provides the perfect blend of these three key enablers to deliver successful and superior PR value to our clients by getting the most relevant, concise and optimal information to our clients.

Why BizAlgo for your Monitoring and Measurement needs?

  • Comprehensive services covering Traditional, Social and Broadcast media
  • Optimal mix of tools/technology, human intelligence and business relevance
  • Follow the Sun model – leverage time advantage
  • Innovative pricing model – to suite different engagement scenarios
  • Leverage potential automation options to bring in higher efficiencies and RoI